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Easily converts 38 Super, 9x23mm, 9x25mm and 10mm!

Custom ammunition loading

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Conversion barrels are made by the best barrel manufacturers in the world...

All conversion units are made in America with all American made materials by Americans! 

Not your typical gunshop

Besides making pistols in the brand new 357 Ring Of Fire cartridge, and converting pistols to this caliber we are also offering these...

Our growing services include:

 Custom Ammunition

 If you want a specific bullet weight, we can make it for you!

Accuracy Packs

 Let's say you aren't loading your own, but you still want the most accurate ammunition for your firearm...what do you do?

Give us a call, with your pistol information; make, model and caliber. We'll discuss with you the purpose you intend to use the ammunition, make some recommendations, and make a accuracy pack for you to test fire with your pistol.

 For example, for a 9mm, I'd recommend a 147 grain XTP for best defensive loads in basic everyday use.

We'll load up some with a powder which delivers 1206 feet per second from a 4" barrel at standard pressures and start at the minimum charge and work our way up in .2/10 of a grain increments up to the maximum charge, with a minimum of 5 rounds in each loading.

You then head out to your range with some pieces of paper marked with a large cross on them.

Shoot each set at one target, then check them to see which load is best for your pistol.

Now all you need to do is tell us which row shot the best and how many rounds you want in this load.

Now you'll have the most accurate ammunition for YOUR pistol!

No more buying off the shelf, taking whatever is there and guessing it is fine.

All loading data and specifications will be listed on your box, so if you ever decide to start reloading, you'll be way ahead of others just starting out.

Speaking of reloading!

We will offer reloading classes to those intrepid folks who want to get started the correct way!

We'll help you get the equipment that YOU  want, help you with setting it up, and step by step instructions for YOUR unit on reloading, regardless of who makes it.

You DON'T need to spend a fortune!

  I started reloading with one of those LEE tap die sets while in the Marines. It was easy to carry and produced some pretty good ammunition, and saved me lots of money over buying each round...after all, that's one reason we reload, right? Then you will become a custom reloader for yourself!

Try before you buy!

Not sure if you'll like a 10mm for example?

Well, shoot one or two first!

 Now you'll know what all the hype is about, and where the reality steps in.

 I fired a friend's Blackhawk in 44 magnum one time...I fired 5 rounds.

Afterwards, my arms and hands were rattled by this beauty...and I thought I was unable to actually handle the 44 magnum.

 Then one day, another buddy showed up with an S&W 629 with Pachmeyr grips...talk about a world of difference!!! I was able to shoot a box of 20, one handed and keep them all in the black at 25 yards!!! Now I own a Mountain Gun.

We're here to help!

We want to help you in any way we can.We want you to have a GREAT experience with firearms and the sport.

If you have questions or suggestions We'd like to hear from you.

Your comments are always welcome too!

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